Reactors & Vessels

Inesco offers pressure vessels, columns (including internals and packing) and reactors in graphite, PTFE lined, reactive metals (tantalum, zirconium) and metals (titanium, nickel alloys) compliant with demanding process constraints such as corrosion, high pressure and high temperature.

Mechanical Seals

Inesco is the sole representor of Scenic in Israel – a highly qualified and highly competitive API and FSA manufacturer of single or double compound mechanical seals, and complete or single cartridge seals.

Pipes & Fittings

Pipes are essential for connectivity, be it for liquid discharge installations, water supply inlets to provide for clean and waste water distribution systems, sanitation, pharmaceutical or energy systems. Together with pipes, pipe fittings are equally important because no pipe can be installed without the right fitting. Pipes and pipe fittings are manufactured from a wide […]

Heat Exchangers

Inesco represents a comprehensive portfolio of heat exchangers using various technologies (blocs, tubes) and materials (graphite, SiC, tantalum, zirconium, titanium). These heat exchangers can be installed as condensers, heaters, coolers…in corrosive chemical processes.

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