The pharmaceutical industry comprises everything from research, development, manufacturing and the commercialization of products mostly produced in batch processes. Pharmaceutical products are found in life science, (oral) solid dosage, API and functional food.
The Israeli pharmaceutical industry comprises mainly of generic drug production, as well as ethical drugs. The industry employs over 9000 people and generates an over 4.5 billion USD turnover (of which about 95% is export) – About 12% of all Israel’s industrial export.
Healthcare reforms and increased service requirements urge pharmaceutical companies to adapt their business model. Due to the complexity of the regulatory legal framework and increased competitiveness, we are aware that our customers are in the need of more potent API’s (higher containment requirements), multipurpose processes, a lean production philosophy and decreasing maintenance costs.
Inesco supplies high quality process equipment such as reactors, heat exchangers, valves, rupture discs, specialty hoses and piping as well as custom-made elements with suitable surface finish levels.

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