The chemical industry places extraordinary demands on equipment and pipelines. Corrosive, toxic, and explosive media is often present which calls for a strict choice of material of construction, product design and quality control.
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Food and Beverage
The food industry transforms physical and chemical raw ingredients into food, or food into other forms. Food processing is usually a mechanical process that utilizes large equipment for mixing, grinding, separation, drying, granulation, filling & discharging, transport and packing in the production process...
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The pharmaceutical industry comprises everything from research, development, manufacturing and the commercialization of products mostly produced in batch processes. Pharmaceutical products are found in life science, (oral) solid dosage, API and functional food.
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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
The challenges in the petrochemical industry include heavy fouling medias, high safety demands, as well as tough chemical and mechanical environments such as corrosion, high pressures, high temperatures etc.
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Cosmetic plants must operate at a high efficiency in order to remain competitive while complying with ever increasing safety and quality standards. This calls for high speed processing equipment that works regularly in extreme conditions
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Defense & Aerospace
The critical nature of any piece of equipment in this industry is clear. Whether in designing, maintaining or manufacturing - Reliability, Efficiency and Safety are always in mind.
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In desalination plants equipment and piping must withstand conditions of corrosion combined with high working pressures.
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Air Separation and Industrial Gases
Cryogenic and high-pressure applications characterize this industry. Inesco's portfolio of hoses – standard hoses for connecting standard gas cylinders, specialty designed high pressure safety hoses ...
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Road Tanker Truck Applications
Road tanker trucks require light-weight, robust and reliable hoses, suitable not only to deliver a vast array of chemicals and corrosive fluids, but also to be extremely flexible and enable an easy and safe connection.
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Our Products

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are necessary in systems that convey high temperature substances such as steam or exhaust gases, or to absorb movement and vibration.
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Inescoflex™ Flexible Hoses

Inesco is Israel’s leading company for supplying flexible pipes and connectors for the different types of industries in the local market.
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Fully Packaged Systems

Inesco is the sole agent of Mersen, a global leader in combining engineering and supply of equipment for corrosive fluids.
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Heat Exchangers

Inesco represents a comprehensive portfolio of heat exchangers using various technologies (blocs, tubes) and materials (graphite, SiC, tantalum, zirconium, titanium).
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Reactors & Vessels

Inesco offers pressure vessels, columns (including internals and packing) and reactors in graphite, PTFE lined, reactive metals
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Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow and pressure within a system or process.
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Pipes & Fittings

Pipes are essential for connectivity, be it for liquid discharge installations, water supply inlets to provide for clean and waste water
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Pipe Support Systems

Inesco is supporting its customers with different types of pipe support systems, pipe suspension equipment and fabricated steelwork.
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Quality Control

Inesco is committed to a quality management process. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction and requirements on time.
We are certified by The Standards Institution of Israel (ISO 9000-2008) and the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD).

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